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“Patients are not defined by their demographics.”

A visit to a healthcare provider can bring up many emotions, regardless of age, gender or where you live. Understanding that can help frame a message that is more relevant to your customers. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve done the research that provides a deeper understanding of unique patient attitudes and motivations related to their healthcare decisions. We leverage this knowledge to build marketing communications tools and programs that inform, educate, and influence choices and sentiment.


...Increase patient satisfaction, and reduce uncompensated care costs.
Patients fall into one or more of four key segments.

Healthcare companies can gain better insights into the attitudes and motivations of healthcare consumers through our Healthcare Marketing Study. Access what we learned when you join us for a brief video conference. We’ll share the four patient segments and how you can leverage it and other healthcare insights, including new research on how COVID-19 is impacting healthcare consumers.

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Meet our Healthcare Team


Anne Robertson

Managing Director, Public Relations

Megan Wahl

Associate Director, Public Relations

Tim Trull

Chief Strategy Officer

Sabrina Norris

Associate Director of Client Service

Betsey Griffin Jones

Media Director

Bob Case

President and Chief Creative Officer

Stephen Heitz

Chief Innovation Officer

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