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Improve customer trial, membership conversion and retention, gift card sales, and franchise recruitment.

We help our clients, often multi-unit/franchise organizations, understand what consumers expect from retail service providers. We achieve this by conducting research that provides deeper understanding of unique attitudes and motivations related to their purchase decisions. Then, we leverage this knowledge to build marketing communications tools and programs that inform, educate, influence choices and sentiment, and make our clients' services and products a part of their everyday life.

Southwest Retail Services Marketing Report: Consumer Perceptions & Attitudes

Few products and retail services are automatically integrated into customers’ lives after a one-time purchase decision. It takes time, and insight, to earn loyalty. And it starts with understanding your customers’ POV. Our free survey of consumers in six Southwestern states reveals:

  • Advertising and marketing messages (words and statements) preferred by consumers
  • The surprising importance consumers place on retail service businesses having a well-trained staff
  • What messages will work for various ethnic groups and which won’t
    • How marketing can convert occasional buyers into frequent fans
Retailpersonalreport Image
Retailpersonalreport Image

Retail Services Experience

Meet our Retail Services Team


Tim Trull

Managing Director, Strategy

Sean Rogers

Client Service, Managing Director

Bob Case

Chief Creative Officer

Stephen Heitz

Chief Innovation Officer

Sabrina Norris

Associate Director of Client Service

Melanee Arnett

Digital Media Director

Retail Services Thought Leadership

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