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Home buyers-across the board-prefer the phrase to anything else

Stephen Heitz, Chief Innovation Officer | Tim Trull, Chief Strategy Officer

This article is a brief abstract of our exclusive study that takes the guesswork 
out of marketing residential developments.

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Participant responses proved to be consistent throughout our research, even when provided with alternatives for preferred verbiage in new home marketing materials. The rankings, however, swapped places for concepts related to the two top-ranked words, affordable and quality, when used together in complete phrases.

Respondents chose We offer top-quality construction (75.9%) as the phrase they would prefer home builders use in describing their products, winning out over financial considerations. We offer more home for your money ranked third at 65%, among 12 available options.

Here’s why one study participant ranked “top-quality construction” first:

“I think one of the most important considerations in buying or building a home is that the builder uses the best products and construction techniques. If your builder offers top-quality construction you can rest assured that your house will be built to the most exacting standards and that it will be trouble-free for years to come.”

Another said:

“It means the house will be more maintenance free. I don’t want to spend a lot of money fixing up/repairing the house instead of using it to buy things I need or pay bills.”

A research study fan of the third-ranked phrase summed up why succinctly:

  • “Value is most important to me.”
  • “Spending money wisely is another way of saving money or getting the most you can out of your hard-earned dollar,” another study respondent said of their preference for the phrase We o er more home for your money.
  • “Homes are priced per square foot, so that statement would tell me that their price per square foot is lower than others,” another respondent stated. “I want to get the best deal and if I can get more options or features for the same price or cheaper, then I would feel good that I got more home for my money.”

Beyond feeling good, at least one study participant chose the phrase for practical reasons, stating, “I’m getting more without having to spend more. I have to be able to afford the home I’m buying, and with as big as my family is, every cent counts.”

Other phrases respondents prefer most include We offer energy-efficient homes at 67.9%, and We build homes to fit your lifestyle at 62.1%.

Respondents who favored the phrase We offer energy-efficient homes said:

  • “Energy efficient means [it will] save me money.”
  • “Energy prices are growing so much, and we are constantly looking for ways to cut our energy costs. Knowing that builders already have this in mind before you even start to build is a great draw.”
  • “People in society are trying to become more environmentally friendly, and they want to conserve as much energy as possible to then save money.”
  • “It’s becoming more and more expensive to heat and cool my home.”

Respondents who favored the term We build homes to fit your lifestyle said:

  • “I have a very active lifestyle with very active dogs, so I need something that can accommodate them.”
  • “It gives you a sense that you have a custom home that will fit into any lifestyle that you choose. For example, if you are into fitness, perhaps a special place would be built to suit those needs.”
  • “Everyone wants a home that fits their style for convenience.”

Whatever their prospects fancy, cater to specific needs within specific audiences to help them choose the most appropriate home in a community designed just for them. All it takes is a little insight, a lot of heart and a heap of professional preparation.

2018 Southwest Residential Development Marketing Report

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This article is a brief abstract of our exclusive study about home buyers and their preferences for advertising and marketing tactics used by new home builders.


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