Be Creative
Work Smart
Have Fun

national boutique is not an oxymoron.

It's not how big the agency is -- it's how they got that way. At Lavidge, we've had more than 30 years of success building national, local and regional players into thriving players. And regional players into national brands. We got there by staying true to our mantra: Creative. Smart. Fun. Meaning we continue to embrace every assignment with purpose, focus and wide-eyed joy. This philosophy not only makes for a great work environment, it's also helped us grow from a small, local shop into what we are today.

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leadership (officers)

Bill's career began with tours of duty including work for Foote, Cone & Belding followed by Bozell & Jacobs. In 1983 he joined what is now Lavidge....READ MORE

Alicia Wadas, Chief Operating Officer

Afraid of heights? Climb a mountain. Threatened by muggers? Teach a self-defense class. Alicia believes in facing her fears head-on. ...READ MORE

Bob Case, Chief Creative Officer

They say when you do what you love, it's not a job. Bob Case loves to draw. His work has been displayed in New York's Society of Illustrators Museum,...READ MORE

Sandra Torre, Chief Financial Officer

While most people dream of growing up to become rodeo riders, ballet dancers or firefighters, it's rare to hear someone say "I was born to be an accountant." ...READ MORE

leadership (directors)
Tim Trull, Managing Director, Strategy

Tim likes a test. On weekends, he conquers desert mountains. During the week, he overcomes branding challenges ...READ MORE

Debi Mees, Managing Director/Creative Director

Debi once went an entire week without TV, and believes this inspired her overall philosophy of communication: "Less is more." ...READ MORE

Betsey Griffin, Managing Director, Media

Not many media people can say they've learned negotiating skills from the FBI, but Betsey is a proud graduate of the Phoenix FBI Citizens' Academy. ...READ MORE

Stephen Heitz, Managing Director, Interactive Services

Stephen co-founded the largest Internet retailer of pool toys while relaxing by the pool. This is what happens when you're always thinking business....READ MORE

Anne Robertson, Managing Director, Public Relations

While most young riders who dream of equestrian events never make it to the jumper course, Anne Robertson continues to compete in show jumping....READ MORE

David Nobs, Managing Director, Business Development

Driving a race car at Laguna Seca or golfing at Pebble Beach might be all in a day's work for some people, or a day of pure fun for others. For Dave Nobs, it's both....READ MORE

Kathy Knudson, Office Manager/Executive Assistant

While everyone at Lavidge focuses on meeting the needs of our clients, Kathy's client list is far and away the largest. "It's every employee here!"...READ MORE