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Nominees and Finalists Honored on Friday with LAVIDGE’s 3rd-Annual LAVY Awards

December 11, 2023

Peer-nominated awards recognize excellence in 5 key categories

PHOENIX (Dec. 11, 2023) – Employees nominated by and voted on by their peers for excellence in five key categories accepted their awards on Friday during the annual LAVIDGE Holiday Party.

In its third year, the LAVY Awards program offers employees the opportunity to recognize their peers for work well done. Nominations are open to all, and everyone is eligible to participate. The idea is to encourage employees to be mindful year-round of their colleagues’ efforts to grow the business—and provide a meaningful way to thank them.

The category descriptions and nominees are as follows, with winners in bold:

2023 Sounding Board

Anne Robertson, Managing Director, Public Relations & Publicity

This LAVIDGIAN listens to understand and asks significant and appropriate questions, whether in one-on-one conversations or in a group. They make themselves available to listen or help when needed. They are active listeners and respond positively. It’s clear that he or she is paying attention and cares because they can repeat or restate what was said.

 Alisha Simon, Anne Robertson, Cammy Corken, Hannah Coda and John Zapf




2023 Insightful Feedback Award

John Zapf, Creative Director

This LAVIDGIAN is known for providing input in a positive manner, mentoring others with constructive feedback and offering useful suggestions to guide the future of LAVIDGE. They participate in LAVIDGE Loves or simply offer a breath of fresh air by sharing feedback on Teams or by email or in person, that make LAVIDGE a better place to work.

Cydney De Los Santos, John Zapf and Krissy Greenberg




2023 Spark of Brilliance Award

Austin Wayman, Front End Web Developer

This LAVIDGIAN does more than come up with new ideas. They bring them to life. This could include anything from developing a creative solution to a problem, pioneering a new process, or streamlining an existing process to make it better.  It could include new ways to generate revenue or save money, better ways to serve our clients, make LAVIDGE a better place to work, or more efficient ways to do our daily tasks at LAVIDGE.

Austin Wayman, Ellanna Koontz and Taylor Moralez




2023 Always Growing Award

RuthAnn Hogue, Senior Content Developer/Writer

This LAVIDGIAN is constantly seeking ways to improve themselves--both personally and professionally. They invest in themselves through self-improvement and may be active participants in professional organizations and clubs. They are continually learning about new trends and studying best practices.

Anya Knight, Betsey Griffin Jones, Emma Wolff, Hannah Coda, Jessica Ampueda, RuthAnn Hogue and Ziggy Goldfarb



2023 Driving Success Award

Matthew Tunnicliff, Implementation and QA Specialist

This LAVIDGIAN embodies being an employee-owner. With an entrepreneurial spirit, they execute key company processes, inspire others, lead by example, and are committed to the success and reputation of LAVIDGE.  They enable the success of others by working smart and contribute to the overall success of the agency. This is not limited to any discipline. The award winner collaborates well with others to push the agency forward.

Ashley Fletcher, Jessica Ampueda and Matthew Tunnicliff 



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