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Dave Nobs Podcast Tackles How to Win in an Economic Downturn

May 14, 2020

PHOENIX (May 14, 2020) - Increase advertising, modulate tonality, be authentic, and be helpful. That's the bottom line contained in sage advice Dave Nobs delivered as a guest on "How to Win in an Economic Downturn," for the May 7th episode of the Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast. 

Nobs, LAVIDGE's Managing Director, Business Development, ought to know.

Dave Nobs, Managing Director, Business Development, shares insight on how to succeed at business during an economic downturn.The 10-year veteran of the Phoenix-based advertising, digital and public relations agency with 25 years of industry experience has helped businesses grow through both good times and bad. 

Podcast host Rob Kischuk invites a different thought leader each week to share wisdom gained as a business leader, lessons learned they wish they'd known when they were just getting started, and marketing and agency strategies for the future.

Particularly relevant was Nobs' advice on how to succeed at marketing during—and after—the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think one overriding principle is to be determined in what you do and not be fearful," Nobs said. "Despite the current circumstances, there are opportunities."

Nobs added that in addition to pivoting to a remote workforce to service clients, brands can use this opportunity to step up and take action.

"There seems to be a common thread around brand purpose," Nobs said. "You hear a lot of words like 'authentic,' 'useful,' 'helpful,' 'purposeful,' but I think it’s really about leveraging brand power for good."

Read the transcript for additional insight or listen to the full podcast.

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