All Day Breakfast

Leading with consumer and analytical insights, LAVIDGE developed a consumer-driven marketing campaign for the Phoenix McDonald’s Co-op to launch All Day Breakfast. It was one of the most successful launches in McDonald’s history; Phoenix was the top market for all day breakfast product sales with a 12.2% sales lift and an 8.5% guest count lift.

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Order Accuracy

The Order Accuracy program highlights McDonald’s promise to the customer to get every order right, or they’ll make it right. The initiative included special branding for the program as well as consumer-facing touch points throughout the ordering experience at the restaurants.

Order Accuracy 15-MCDN-0635 OA BOG Cardresize.jpg

$12.99 Bundle

When dinner day part sales declined, McDonald's needed a meal solution targeting Hispanic consumers. We targeted families with children, which comprise 66% of Phoenix households. They want predictable, affordable dinner options. Advertising focused on the $12.99 Bundle. We increased visits, including 30% sourced to Hispanic consumers, by:


• Creating a $12.99 bundled meal that offered variety with popular core and side items

• Merchandising in Phoenix Co-op restaurants

• Targeting print and radio campaign to general and Hispanic audiences

15-MCDN-1538 PHX GCM $12.99 Bundle 300x250 R01.jpg 16-MCDN-0385-Bundle-English-300X300-R01.jpg

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