To Our Clients, Partners & Friends: A brief update

As the most unanticipated year in history (understatement) heads into fall, we’re starting to exhale from 2020’s gale-force shifts, apply new insights to an evolving business landscape, and remain overwhelmingly grateful for our shared resilience and partnerships with you.

Challenges loom, of course, as the nation awaits a vaccine, approaches a contentious election and strives for peaceful solutions to civil unrest.

But LAVIDIGIANS are even stronger than we knew and prepared to keep the pace as we move forward.

We also reopened our brick and mortar office in October, with a focus on business-forward 


productivity, safety and continuing flexible remote work options that reflect this year’s redefined boundaries between life, work and wellness.

In June, we launched our Pandemic Support Team webpage, which we keep refreshed with work samples that showcase the successes we’ve achieved together, while also providing links to our latest marketing research reports and insights, including healthcare during COVID-19.

Thanks to all of you, our teams have stayed intact and committed to seeking creative marketing solutions that meet your emerging needs while we navigate these unchartered times together.

Your friends and teams at LAVIDGE

COVID-19 Work

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