To Our Clients, Partners & Friends

First, we extend our sincerest hopes for the safety and health of you and your families, and peace in your communities. While the tectonic shifts to our world continue, we’re adapting, responding, toiling, planning, creating, and imagining. The worn cliché “it’s not personal, it’s just business” must vanish for brands to succeed in the post-pandemic rebound. Everything is personal on the journey to economic recovery for industry leaders, employees, customers, and society’s most vulnerable.

Like you, we’re in awe of the healthcare workers still heroically treating patients at great risk to themselves – and the essential workers bravely showing up for duty. The soul-stirring flyovers and banging and cheering every 7 PM in hard-hit New York City have touched us all.

And like you, we’re stunned by the loss of lives and by the jobs upended. We’re communicators trying to sift through the daily mash-up of news reportage and editorials for the most helpful and critical parts.

As a people-centric agency, we put safety first and quickly pivoted to remote work, and our productivity has stayed lively and strong. We’ve had some fun with pet photo contests, recipe swaps, tips for parents schooling their kids and video cocktail hours. We’ve stayed connected to our community commitments with efforts such as virtual walks for charity. 

And now, we’re cautiously re-opening our location at 28th Street and Camelback, staggering our office and home hours for optimal distancing and prevention.

Heading into the recovery’s unchartered new “normal,” we’re launching our LAVIDGE Pandemic Support Team website page to provide examples by industry of how we’re helping many of you navigate and plan, along with news and content relevant to your industries, and industry-specific surveys and insights. We’ll keep it refreshed to reflect new business paradigms as they unfold.

As your partners we also wonder: what concerns you the most across all areas of your business for 2020? Are you worried about how to communicate with specific stakeholders, or new mission adjustments, or employee sentiment? We would like to extend our complimentary offer to answer any of your questions about any areas of marketing, regardless of which service you’re using. We’re happy to provide helpful suggestions, insights or just an ear to your thoughts.

Thanks to many of you, we’ve been fortunate to keep our teams intact. Planning and proactive measures have made us operationally strong and able to seek creative marketing solutions to your emerging needs. We will continue to adapt our services, provide rapid responses and exercise strategic agility as your partners.

Recovery 2020: We’re doing this. Together.

Your friends and teams at LAVIDGE

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