Rethink Rx Abuse

Arizona is facing a prescription painkiller epidemic. To overcome it, we need to rethink the way we prescribe, medicate, discuss and dispose of opioids. What started as a campaign focused on teen Rx abuse evolved to highlight the risk we all face. Social ads, digital billboards and TV communicated that risk, while provided relatable facts, information, and tangible action that teens and all of Arizona can take.


I’ve Got Something Better

It’s not enough to tell teens not to use drugs or alcohol. We need to help fill their time with something better. That was the insight that launched a statewide campaign urging teens to pursue their passions and discover new ones. In addition to social ads and preroll, became the hub for teens to instantly learn new skills (via YouTube videos) and find current events in their neighborhood. 

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Overcome Awkward

Bringing up the subjects of drinking and drugs can be awkward – not just for teens but for parents, too. Overcome Awkward became a rallying cry for concerned parents. By providing a focused goal and practical tips, moms, dads, grandparents and guardians learned how to overcome that momentary feeling to become their teen’s best defense against drinking and drug use.

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